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I Beat The Market Today!

I actually beat it yesterday as well, but my portfolio was down. It just wasn't as far down as the Dow was. I didn't think that was enough to crow about.

Today I actually had a positive return, when the market was down  and the Dow was ending it's worst week in 5 years.  I was up .54% , while the Dow was down 1.54%. My return was largely due to the presence of a couple of ProShares short ETF's in my portfolio. One of them, SDS (which returns double the inverse of the S&P 500) was up 4.64% for the day and 4.83% from which I first purchased.

Another ETF I have is SRS, which shorts real estate. I bought this just last week, and it is already up 19.39% from then.

The gains in these short ETF's was enough to offset the overall loss in the rest of my portfolio. All of my regular stocks but one was down. The one that was up was CROX, which was up more than 9%. That is an excellent one-day return at any time, but on a day like this it was nothing short of phenomenal. 

I applied for more options trading privileges today. In a crazy market like this, it might come in handy to buy some puts here and there.