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Poetry Reading After Action Report

I read my customary memorial haiku at last night's poetry reading.  One of them was a slight departure from my usual fare, in that it memorialized not a person, but a publication. Weekly World News is publishing it's last issue this month. WWN has brought me and millions of others cheap silly entertainment for years, and deserved a eulogy.

Here are the haiku:

Weekly World News

Where will we go now
For news of space aliens?
I’m pig-biting sad.


Tammy Faye Baker

Enough ridicule
Under the makeup remains
A beautiful soul


Ingmar Bergman

You played chess with death
For eighty nine years before
The final checkmate



Michelangelo Antonioni

Your most famous film
Was copied by DiPalma
You inspired many



Lee Hazelwood

Nancy Sinatra
Gave your words life. May her boots
Not tread on your grave

I also read the poem Days Of IRC that I had included in a previous poetry entry.  I made a few changes before I read it, and the new version can be read by clicking on the link.



Ah, IRC. Still alive... but nowhere near the way it use to be... There are definitely more bots than people on IRC these days.
I remember one bot that, when he got kicked off a channel, would come back and say "that wasn't nice, I shall summon a friend". Then a clone would come in. I was on a channel with it and laughed my butt off. Don't think the channel owner thought it was so funny though.
Heheh... I remember IRC scripts people would run that would, as soon as access was granted, de-op everyone else, set up mass-bans, etc... The inevitable ping floods. When the winsock bug came out, ICMP nukes on everyone's raw IP's broadcast by the server. The same guy who wrote that bot prolly went onto craft one the botnets that bring the constant waves of spam to every email address in creation. There's some book I read talking about disassembling some trojan to find the address of it's irc server -- some private server that was actually still functioning. He logs in and sees literally thousands of bots just filling the channel, silently accepting commands from the writer for what kind of spam it should send out.