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I am on a roll. This is my second entry in two days.

I haven't looked at my Fox and Friends portfolio yet. Or my real portfolio for that matter. It is still early.

I don't know how I am going to do in the Fox and Friends challenge.
I am doing well in my real portfolio...it is handily beating my benchmark portfolio of shares of VTI ( the total stock market ETF).

Trouble is, the challenge lets you own only 5 stocks, whereas my real life trading strategy involves 9-12 stocks. So I don't know if it will work for the Cashin' In Challenge.

Of course, I have played along before Fox officially had a play along challenge in a Yahoo portfolio.
I didn't sweat it then because it is, after all, play money. I guess I am agonizing over it more now because I am competing against thousands of people.

The G Gordon Liddy show opened with "O Canada" this morning. More often than not the opening is Liddy barking orders over 80's style action movie music (sounds a little like the Miami Vice theme) closing with "This is the G-Man...we are go for launch!!". I always try to catch that because I get energized listening to it. I can imagine a kid in the 30's or 40's listening to his favorite action/adventure program on the radio felt the same way.

Anyway, "O Canada" played because the conservatives won the Canadian election, so I guess it was
appropriate. Of course, who knows what the definition of a Conservative in Canada. Probably someone who will leave a millionaire enough money after taxes for rent and groceries.

I watched some of the special features disk of "Raging Bull" last night. There was a featurette called "Before The Fight" which was a featurette on how RB came to be made. I went to sleep with the menu screen on after it was over. Music from Masagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana " played over the menu screen. It is probably the most beautiful music ever made and very nice to go to sleep to.

I'm so grateful M&J got me a DVD player for Christmas. Thanks guys. :)