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Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, as well as the birth of armrha   . (Armrha, I don't know what your opinion of Elvis is, but you must admit he deserves credit for making your birthday easier to remember. BTW, happy birthday :))

People talk about where they were when they heard of JFK's death. I was too young to really remember that, but I remember Elvis's death quite well. Our family was going to my grandmother's house and word came over the radio that Elvis had died. My brother and I exchanged shocked, dismayed looks. We still talk about that sometime.

People were calling into the local radio station and sharing their memories. One woman called in and tearfully recounted a time when Elvis did something for her sick little girl and my mother started crying. Such was the King's effect on women.

I'm including a couple of videos for the occasion. The first is a bunch of stills from Bubba Ho-Tep, the 2002 movie about JFK and Elvis in an old folks home teaming up against a killer mummy. It features the BHT soundtrack music of Bryan Tyler, which never fails to send chills down my spine and gives the movie a gravitas you would never expect from a film with such an outlandish premise.

The other one is from Elvis's 1968 comeback special. In this he is singing Jimmy Reed's blues classic "Baby What You Want Me To Do".
It's a lot grittier and more intense than people remember Elvis being, especially with memories of "Vegas Elvis" crowding out "Rocker Elvis". Enjoy.
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