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Valentines Day

Today is Jimmy Hoffa's birthday. Ever since I learned that, I always thought it was fun to go around saying "Happy Jimmy Hoffa's birthday" on Valentines Day. Since this entry is going out to the whole world and not just a few friends who already know I am a moron, I decided to double check. I looked at the born today list on my iwon page. Yup. I also see that today is Jack Benny's birthday. Even better. A lot of people are unhappy on Valentine's day because they are alone.  Maybe if they just thought of it as Jack Benny's birthday instead, and celebrated by listening to recordings of his old radio shows or watching DVD's of his television show they could have a few laughs and forget  about their loneliness.

There was an  interesting article on Valentine's day written a few years back by objectivist philosopher Gary Hull. In keeping with the philosophy of Ayn Rand, his thesis is that selfishness is an important part of romantic love. Like most objectivists, he makes a few valid points and then tries to squeeze too much out of them, but it's a good read and highly recommended for those who are looking for a non-traditional take on Valentine's day.

The  performance of my stock portfolios, both real life and in the Cashin'  In challenge, is embarassing. I am underperforming the market in both. I got stopped out of Roger's Communications in both portfolios. (At least I have sense enough to put in stop loss orders.)  My WTI stock is also getting beaten up pretty badly (although I still have a profit in that.)

In my Cashin' In challenge, I purchased shares of the mutual fund First Source Monogram Long/Short fund. It  is a market neutral fund. It seems like a good place to be in a roller-coaster market like this one.