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An odd and interesting compliment

I got together with some old friends I hadn't seen in a long time this weekend. One of the gang had just adopted a little Chinese girl
and he invited lots of people over to show her off. (As he should have...she was adorable.)

Some of us were in the kitchen talking about HBO TV series. About John From Cincinnati, I said it showed that magical realism works for
novels and films, but not so much for television series. One of my friends said "You are probably the only math professor in the world who knows what magical realism is."

I corrected him (hopefully not ungraciously) that I taught Computer Science, not math. ( Years ago I taught a course when CS was in the math department...that might be what he was thinking of.)  And I admitted I might not have as good a grasp of what magical realism was as someone with an English degree would. I guess I don't take compliments well. Or maybe that wasn't a compliment and I take them too easily!

Still, it was a cool thing to have someone say about me.