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Poetry Reading After-Action Report 9/13/2007

The poetry reading last night was not very crowded. Most of the regulars were not there, and although there were some new readers, there weren't enough to fill out more than an hour.

Jonathan said everyone would get to read a bit more since turnout was so light. I was irritated with myself for not bringing anything but my memorial haiku. I quickly jotted down some baiku I had written a while back. Baiku is a form I invented many years ago that has six lines with syllable counts 5-7-5-5-7-5 and rhyme scheme abcabc. The best thing about this form (at least for me) is that they are very easy to reconstruct from memory if you don't have a copy with you. I ended up reading seven memorial haiku (it's been a busy month) and two baiku, Three and Angel.

Here are the memorial haiku.

Merv Griffin

Your wheel of fortune
Landed on death. We all face
That same jeopardy

Leona Helmsley

Everybody says
That you were the queen of mean.
But your dog can’t talk

Micheal Deaver

You won the battles
With liquor and liberals
But cancer beat you

Jane Wyman

An Oscar winner
And almost the First Lady
On balance, not bad

Richard Jewell

Object of slander
Butt of jokes, I salute you:
A hero at last

Luciana Pavorotti

A great silence fills
The world, as his voice once
Filled opera halls


some of your best haiku yet...great job!
Why thank you very much dear lady :)