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House Trivia

I recently purchased the third season of House on DVD. I've watched most of it. One of the episodes, Half Wit, had commentary. This was the episode where Dave Matthews played a musical savant. Kurtwood Smith played his father.

One of the commentators pointed out that on That 70's Show Kurtwood Smith played the father of Eric Forman. Of course there is a character named Eric Foreman on House. That's an interesting connection, and the fact of two successful TV series having different characters with the same name is fairly noteworthy. It doesn't sound like it would be unusual, but I am drawing a blank in trying to think of other shared-name characters.

The commentators neglected to mention another relevant piece of Kurtwood Smith trivia. Red Forman and the House character are not the only fathers he has played. In Dead Poets Society, he was the cruel and controlling father of a boy played by Robert Sean Leonard, who plays Wilson on House.

Trivia aside, I was impressed with Smith's performance. His character was gentle and kind with a vaguely professorial air about him. None of that  applies to Red Forman. And it especially doesn't apply to Clarence Boddicker. He has a lot more range than I give him credit for.

As for Dave Matthew's performance, well, he played a mentally challenged musician. Insert joke here.