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House Season Premier

With the availability of DVDs, youtube, and cable TV on demand, I hardly do appointment TV any more. I made an exception last night for House. I did not linger at Jackson's Java (!!!) and was home by 9:00.

It was well worth it.

At the end of the last season, House's entire team had either resigned or been fired, so much of the episode dealt with House trying to function without a team and Cuddy and Wilson trying to make him build a new one.  The opening scene was classic. He was in his office playing his electric guitar. Cuddy came in to talk to him, and every time he answered her he played a riff on his guitar. The timing was excellent. I've often thought a common ingredient in the best television shows, shows as disparate as The Andy Griffith Show and Seinfeld, is an underlying rhythm to the dialog. This scene certainly achieved that, with a guitar accompaniment to boot. And  to anyone who says that no real doctor would play his guitar in his office like that, I would respond that no real sentient being would fail to understand the difference between real life and a good television show.

The patient was a women who had been injured very badly in an explosion. Just as every episode has a patient, there is also a victim (of House's insensitive remarks) and in this case it was the woman's boyfriend. He kept discovering things about the woman (such as alcoholism) that the boyfriend said could not possibly be true of her. Cuddy reluctantly agreed with House on almost all of his conclusions, which was very painful for both her and the boyfriend.

The final explanation was brilliant. In a lesser show, it would have been unbelievable, but thanks to skillful writing it made perfect sense. The best compliment you can pay a movie or television show is "it shouldn't have worked but it did", and this episode certainly earned that accolade.

House's trying to function without a team was hilarious to watch. At one point he brought in the janitor and bounced ideas off of him. This sounds silly, but it did a good job of establishing that House just needed feedback, and the actual content of the feedback was not that important.

I noticed that the opening credits were pretty much the same.as last time. All of the team members (e.g. Omar Epps) still had their names in there. I don't know if someone slipped up or if it means the team might come back.

Here's a little bit of House trivia I didn't mention in my last House post. I noticed in one of the episodes Wilson had a movie poster for Touch Of Evil in his office. I looked for it in this episode and didn't see it. (I didn't see any movie poster... either I looked away at the wrong time or the camera angles wouldn't permit it.)  For those who haven't seen it, Touch of Evil has Orson Welles playing a curmudgeonly policeman who has to walk with a cane. He has an incredible instinct for determining who's guilty, and he plays as fast and loose proving his instincts correct as House does in proving his diagnoses correct. The poster in Wilson's office was one of the best uses of allusion I've ever seen.


you always share the most interesting tidbits of trivia.

I enjoyed last night's episode, but I thought the last part with him and the guitar in front of the class was a bit cheesy. It kind of reminded me of the bachelor or some reality show where people get eliminated every week. I hope it doesn't go like that. I have high hopes for this season and his team's return.
I liked the ending, but I can understand you not liking it. It tread pretty close to the line.

I don't think it will be as bad as a reality show for the admittedly simplistic reason that this is not a reality show. I think there will be enough attention paid to the main characters (House, Wilson, Cuddy, patient of the week) that the competition to be on Houses team will probably not be the whole ball of wax, like it is on reality shows.

Of course, if he doesn't have a team picked by midseason your prognosis could prove correct.
still had their names in there. I don't know if someone slipped up or if it means the team might come back.

Muff and I discussed this and concluded that they just don't want to give away who the new team will be.