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Poetry Reading After-Action Report 10/11/07

 There weren't lots of dead people this time, so I only had one haiku. (muffdaddysmooth mentioned  Colin McRae, but I only found out about him after the reading.) The haiku was for Marcel Marceau. Normally I include all the haiku I read in my posts, but this time I can't, because there wasn't any text. It was all in mime. If you want to see it, you will have to ask me for it in person.

After I "read" my haiku, I read a couple of oldies, The Quest and Annabelle Rose. You can read those by clicking on the links.

There was a very lovely young woman named Hannah who read at the end of the reading. I spent the rest of the evening sitting and chatting with her, which was a very enjoyable experience.

Life is good. Unless of course you are a celebrity I am writing a haiku about.


That would be a great new expression. "Poor Marceau had his Babydoc Haiku written..."