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Today was a rather non-descript day. I am still doing badly in the cashin' in challenge. I am finally doing better in my real life portfolio. It FINALLY did better than the Dow (Dow up .28%, me up .45%). So maybe I'm not a complete stock market idiot.

I am starting to become more of a believe in Peter Lynch's whole "go to the malls and see what's hot" school of stock picking. My big gainer for the day was Guess Jeans. It's a boring stock. It is so boring I often forget that it's in my portfolio. In addition to being the biggest gainer today, it is also the biggest gainer overall.

My second biggest overall gainer is The Pantry , which is an even more boring stock. And this is the second time I have bought this stock and made money on it (first time got up to 40% before it hit sell criteria).

Boring is better. My dull granny stocks are kicking the butt of my hot sexy oil exploration and peruvian mining stocks.

I got into a dispute this weekend with a friend about Max Von Sydow . I said he played Christ in
The Greatest Story Ever Told
and the friend said he didn't. He did (as clicking on the links will show.) There was also some dispute as to whether or not he is still alive. He is. I had forgotten at the time of the conversation that he was in Minority Report.

I am still on book 1 of the essays of Montaigne. (It's in 3 parts). I read a particularly good essay last night entitled Of The Education Of Children. It is the source of the quote on my profile page, and that is but one of many pearls it contains. It delights the imagination, informs the mind, and moves the will Everything Aristotle said literature should do. Outstanding.