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Rush Limbaugh And Harry Reid

Most of this is old news now. Harry Reid recently wrote a letter to the President of Clear Channel asking him to chastise Rush about remarks he made about "phony soldiers", and had it signed by 41 other Democratic senators. According to Reid, Rush accused all former soldiers against the war of being phonies. According to Rush, he was talking about Jesse Macbeth, who was indeed a phony soldier who told lies about the war. Rush's  critics point to his use of the plural to argue he wasn't just talking about Macbeth. (Even if the use of the plural was deliberate, it still doesn't necessarily follow  he was labeling all military critics as "phony soldiers".)

But how one feels about Rush  or the critics of the war is not the only  issue here. United States Senators wrote  a letter to the head of a media corporation asking him to discipline an employee. That is scary stuff. I have long believed that the number one goal of the Democratic party is stifling or even shutting down conservative media, and this certainly fits within that pattern.

Rush did a good job of turning this lemon into lemonade. He auctioned the letter off on E-Bay, with the proceeds going to the Marine Corp-Law Enforcement Foundation, a charity that helps the children of Marines and Federal law enforcement killed in the line of duty. He is also going to match the amount of the winning bid. The auction is over now , and the winning bid is over $2000000.

Harry Reid must have thought the auction was a good idea. Today he read a statement on the floor of the senate trying to piggyback on the success of Rush's auction. Kind of like a burglar wanting a cut of the payment from a homeowner's insurance policy.