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It was raining this morning, providing much needed relief from the drought. When I got my roof fixed this summer, I felt good that I would no longer have to worry about what shape my house would be in after a big rainstorm. I got really impatient waiting for some rain just so I could truly experience that relief. Of course, there was little of that. I joked a lot that I hated not having any rain to test out my new roof.

As the drought wore on, I thought about that old adage about how washing your car makes it rain, and got to wondering if getting a new roof has the reverse effect. Maybe the drought was my fault!

When I left for work this morning, I grabbed everything I might need, including the sunglasses I had recently purchased. I felt a little silly when I got to work because it was pretty clear  I wouldn't need them. "Murphy's Law" I thought. Then it occurred to me that buying sunglasses probably has the same effect as washing your car. Maybe my purchase of sunglasses ended the drought.

So to everyone who was effected by the drought, I apologize for getting a new roof, and for not buying sunglasses sooner. I hope I ended the drought in time to ward off any really severe problems.


Haha. Poor Charlotte, subject to your whims like that. : ) I'm going to buy a really heavy coat in hopes of making it warm up in the northwest...
Hehehe. Buying the winter coat would probably do the trick. Some say that doesn't work, but recent experience suggests to me that Murphy's Law is probably not recursive