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Two years ago today I started keeping track of my trading portfolio. As of market close today, I am up 56.73%. This is an average return of 25.19%. Not bad, especially considering this weeks poor performance.

Powerball has hit a record jackpot of $365 million. I'm going down to South Carolina with queenjoni to pick up tickets. If I win, I might upgrade to a paid account!


Hey its...well you know who I be...Powerball tickets are, what, five bucks??? If you get this before you go, pick me up one (random numbers I guess), write my name on it) and I'll pay you the five bucks when I see you. Or have Joni by it and I can give the $$$$ to Muff on Asian movie night. 365 million. I mean really, it's worth a shot.


I just now read this and it's Monday morning. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't win either.
Ps and if I win, I'll give you 5 grand for getting me the ticket.