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Poetry Reading After Action Report 11/9/2007 (With Outtakes!)

I read four haiku about dead people. I had originally planned to read five, but I had a devil of a time coming up with something about Paul Tibbets. I didn't know what angle to take...condemning, philosophical,cold and factual? I finally wrote one but decided it was in bad taste and didn't read it. I'll include it here though.

I also read Nude At A Filling Station. It was inspired by an episode of Green Acres where Arnold the pig had taken up painting, and one of his works had that title. I felt challenged to write a poem entitled "Nude At A Filling Station " with the criteria that it not be completely lame, and that the title made sense to the reader of the poem. If you want to read it, just click the link in the first sentence of this paragraph.

It seemed to get a good reception. At the end I heard a lady in the audience go "awww". That's always a good sign. Better than applause, actually.

Here are the haiku, including the Paul Tibbets one that i didn't read. It is in really bad taste. You were warned.

George Osmond

Little bit country
A little bit rock and roll
Father of many

Robert Goulet

Brave Sir Lancelot
Has left us, not in summer,
But near Halloween

Porter Wagoner

You were the partner
Of a young Dolly Parton
You lucky devil

Hank Thompson

May your name live on,
And never again confused
With Williams or Snow

Paul Tibbets

All Japan cried out
“Someone set up us the bomb!”
You were that someone



i'm interested to see what you do with this:
I'm not sure yet. Fortunately I have plenty of time.

I am not on the same page as Mailer politically, and I detest the way he treated his wives, but I will be forever grateful to him for his time of death and giving me several weeks to work on his haiku.
I really like your naked poem...is it new? I feel I have heard it before...but I could be confusing it with another nick at night inspired poem.
I'm glad you liked it. It's not new, and you may have heard me read it before.

BTW, how are you feeling these days?
That "awww" was me, or at least part of it was.
I thought it might have been you. Anyway, thanks. :)

Edited at 2007-11-12 01:38 pm (UTC)