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Happy Birthday, Bro

Today is my brother's birthday. Since I was a child, I had a hard time remembering when it was. The big problem was that my grandmother's birthday is the 14th. I could never remember which birthday was which.

Since I developed my mania for finding famous people with the same birthday as my friends and family, I have discovered that he has the same birthday as Charles Manson. So when November rolls around, I get on the internet and google Charles Manson so I can get his birthday right.

In fairness, my brother shares birthdays with more respectable people, among them Neil Young. He is also the same age to the day as gymnast Nadia Comaneci. And there is also a less geeky way for me to remember his birthday. A few years ago, I called him and apologized for being late in sending him a birthday card. He said it was ok, and that he was used to it because his birthday is so close to Veterans Day (November 11). He said people forget that they need to add an extra day when they send him something because there is no postal service on Veterans day. So when I hear about Veterans Day coming up, that is another reminder.

Other members of my family have interesting birthdays. My grandmother used to be fond of telling me she was the same age to the day as Mamie Eisenhower. My great aunt told me she had the same wedding anniversary as Ms. Eisenhower as well, but I'm not as sure about that one. Also, when I was doing research for my latest memorial haiku, I discovered that my father shared a birthday with Paul Tibbets. It's probably good I didn't discover that while Pop was  alive.