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I didn't win the powerball jackpot. Somebody in Nebraska won it. Oh well. It was a fun trip. Queenjoni and I bought tickets at an old country store (or the closest thing to an old country store that still exists) in Fort Mill. Or maybe greater Fort Mill. I am going to miss those trips when we get Powerball in North Carolina.

I bought a one dollar ticket for Elle as well. I was hoping she would win. As much as I was hoping I would win. Partly because she's my friend, partly because she deserves it, and partly because it would be such a great story if she won. A first time player who only spent a buck winning a record jackpot. That would have been great.

QJ & I stopped at Borders on the way back, as we usually do. I got a copy of the Criterion Collection edition of Short Cuts, and a couple of puzzle magazines. One of them was a Dell Sudoku magazine and another was a Kakuro magazine. Sudoku and Kakuro were formerly known respectively as number place and cross sums. I have been doing them for years in Dell puzzle magazines, (usually the Math & Logic Puzzles) and now that they are being marketed with a Japanese name they are hot new puzzle crazes.

There is no better way to sell things to gullible American yuppies than giving it a japanese name. Not that I have anything against selling things to gullible American yuppies. This is the way that all great economic powers, including America, have been built. I wonder how long before somebody slaps a japanese name on crossword puzzle and tries to sell them as something new.

There was a book called Massive Sudoku with a pretty woman on the cover in a Vanna White like pose. This went too far. I like pretty women as much as the next guy, probably more, but on a Sudoku book? Sheesh! If you can't be persuaded to do math puzzles without the enticement of eye candy, then you don't deserve the pleasure of solving them. So there.

In addition to the lottery trip, I also watched the Short Cuts DVD as well as a bunch of stuff on
HBO on demand. But I did manage to get some constructive things done. I did a little cleaning and can now see nearly a third of the top of my kitchen table. I also met again with Wilma and Pebbles. We worked on extrema problems. I learned from them that you can sing the quadratic formula to the tune of Pop Goes The Weasel. They say the teacher always learns the most, and I guess that's true.

This is getting longer than it deserves to be. I might have some thoughts on Short Cuts and other things to share later.