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Thanksgiving Day

Today is the 44th anniversary of the JFK assassination, as well as Thanksgiving day. The last time these two dates coincided was in 2001.

I am in Asheville right now at my brother's house. It's been great seeing him and his wife and their kids. My sister-in-law told me that my nephew started crying when he was told I wasn't going to be staying in his room (it's a bit small.) I was touched.

It's been fun spending time with my niece and nephew. I played checkers with my niece the other night and nearly got my butt kicked. I made a couple of stupid mistakes at the beginning that it took me a long time to come back from. Eventually we were down to one king each and I'm pretty sure the only reason I won was that she just got tired of the game and let me take her king.

I'm usually proud of any victory, but there's something about a come-from-behind victory against a 9 year old that is embarrassing. I probably need to play checkers more.

Thanksgiving dinner was at my sister-in-law's parents house. Some of you may remember the neologism I coined for them...ILOR (for in-laws once removed). Part of the festivities were an early birthday tribute to my sister-in-law's grandmother (GILOR?) who will be 95 in December. My brother sang George Gershwin's "Our Love Is Here To Stay" with new lyrics about her. Somebody else did a skit in the fashion of an old silent movie which was good.

I didn't have anything planned, but halfway through I got an idea. After the last performance, the GILOR's daughter asked if anybody else wanted to do anything. I said I had something I wanted to do, and after warning everyone that it probably wouldn't be very good, I sang Irving Berlin's "What'll I Do" accapella. I ended the song getting down on one knee in front of her ,which is probably not a smart thing for someone as overweight as I am to do, but I did manage to get back up.

She seemed to appreciate my song, and I was glad I did it. I'm glad I made the trip up here, which initially I was dreading since I'm not much of a traveler. I have lots to be thankful for.


I'm glad you had such a great turkey day. I can't believe A. is already 9!
I hope you had a great turkey day yourself.

I made this entry in a bit of a hurry, so there's a couple of amusing stories I left out. There's one that I think you would particularly enjoy.

I couldn't resist having some cell phone fun so I called the house and made my sister-in-law pick up the phone. Hardeehar.

A. (my niece) thought it was funny and asked me for my phone so she could play a trick too. Her mother told her it wouldn't work because they would know what was coming. Then she whispered something in her ear, and A. disappeared into another room.

A few minutes later my cell phone rang. As they say in the horror movies, the call was coming from inside the house. I answered it to my niece's raucous laughter.

Of course when a child discovers something amusing, she will do it again. And again and again.

I was hoist with my own petard, and I thought you would enjoy hearing about it. I learned never to hand a 9-year-old my petard.
that's awesome