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Are My Ears On Straight

 Sometimes when Elle gives me a ride in her car I repay her by forcing my favorite alternative music on her. (Maybe I don't have this gratitude thing completely down yet.)

Once I was riding in her car and I had a copy of The Mollusk by Ween. I asked if we could listen to it and after her approval, I slid it into her CD player.

When the first song, "Dancing In The Show Tonight", started playing, she said "Hey, I sang that song in my elementary school Christmas pageant ". Huh? I wouldn't have guessed  her to be a Ween fan, much less a fan since her elementary school days. It was out of character and the timeline wasn't quite right. This was not  the eye-rolling reaction I had come to expect and enjoy..

It turns out that "Dancing In The Show" is a blatant rip off of Gayla Peevey's  "Are My Ears On Straight". Gayla Peevey of course is the micro-chanteuse who sang the beloved I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas  (don't we all?).  "Are My Ears On Straight" is the lesser known flip side.  It's a song about a little doll in need of repair, wondering if she will be fixed in time for Christmas. Apparently Elle played the little doll.

At that moment I made a vow to myself that she would have a Gayla Peevey CD for Christmas.

This was a hard vow to keep. While "Hippopotamus" is available on one of Dr. Demento's Christmas albums, I am pretty sure it's not possible to buy a CD with the original "Are My Ears On Straight". Fortunately, I found a Gayla Peevey website with both of her Christmas songs on it. (Sadly, the site seems to have gone away.) I downloaded her song, burned it to a CD, and sent it off to her just in time for Christmas. The whole thing is one of my favorite Christmas memories, and I hope it's one of hers.

I am embedding a copy of the song for your listening pleasure.


i had never made that connection between my favorite ween album and hippopotamus for christmas, however tenuous it might be... wow. thanks for that!

also, i think that "i want a hippopotamus for christmas" is the worlds favorite christmas song. whenever i mention my 26 days of xmas scheme, that's the song that people ask about. "are you going to post the hippo song?"
It's just not Christmas without Gayla Peevey. I hope she doesn't disappoint me the way that other Christmas music icon Phil Spector did.
phil disappointed you in that he (allegedly, my ass) killed a lady? or in that he made a christmas album that you are not fond of. i agree with the first, but not the latter. i don't know if i would say he disappointed me though since he falls into the whole michael jackson and whitney houston sphere of unwrranted past-his-prime-craziness.

having said that, the only thing that's keeping me from posting all ronettes for r is that i don't have the phil spector album on cd anymore since got it on vinyl a year or so ago.
Oh certainly the first. If the Christmas album was a disappointment I wouldn't have called him a "Christmas music icon".

"A Christmas Gift For You" is not just a quirky personal favorite. It's become a Christmas tradition for lots of people. Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen's renditions of "Santa Claus Is Both Coming To Town" both take a cue from The Crystals' version on that album. Darlene Love's "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" has become a Christmas standard in it's
own right(partly thanks to David Letterman).

Now it's tainted. It's hard to listen to Phil Spector's voice-over on "Silent Night" and not remember you're listening to a murderer.

I just hope Darlene Love doesn't do anything bad.