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Poetry Reading After Action Report 12/13/2007

Once again, I had nothing to read that was new and not a memorial haiku. I had haiku about Norman Mailer, Henry Hyde, Robert Cade, Dick Wilson and Ike Turner. I had written haiku about Sean Taylor and the dude from Quiet Riot, but I didn't read them. They weren't very nice and I didn't want to be mean to dead people at Christmastime. The Ike Turner haiku was not exactly sympathetic, but I think an exception for him was OK. I'm embarrassed to admit I plum forgot to write one about Evel Knievel. I've been so busy it slipped my mind. I also read my Christmas sonnet, which I've started doing every year at the December poetry readings.

Here are the haiku:

Norman Mailer

Images you made
Of the naked and the dead
Linger in our minds

Henry Hyde

You fought the good fight
Against the Clinton machine
Receive your reward

Robert Cade

Let’s all raise a glass
And replace electrolytes
In your  memory

Dick Wilson

Thinking about all
That unmolested charmin
Brings tears to my eyes

Ike Turner

You were a mean dude
And you played a mean guitar
Let’s remember both

And here is the Christmas sonnet:

A Christmas Benediction
May tigers, wolves, and wildebeests not wait
Outside your door. May scary monsters flee
Your domicile. Let poltergeists vacate
Your home and not end you felicity.
May passion fruit and armagnac and cheese
From Holland grace your table every day.
May angels guard your cupboard; Let it please
Them always to keep lack and want at bay.
May loved ones all seem lovelier and foes
Bring chocolates to your door. May strangers greet
You as a friend and may you see in those
You know unknown virtues you’ve yet to meet.
May blessings fall at Christmastime my friend
On you like snowflakes falling without end.




the haikus were great! it is my personal opinion that you could have read all of them without regret, especially the ike turner one, which strikes a good contrast between what popular culture loves as well as loathes, which we so often find in many of our celebrities these days...
Thanks for the positive feedback. Actually, I did read all the haiku in the posting. Here are the two I decided not to read;

Sean Taylor

You taught us not to
Bring a gun to a knife fight
Or a machete

Kevin Dubrow

Come on feel the noise
Girls, rock your boys. You got dead.
You got dead, dead,dead.