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Holiday Songs

While I cannot hope to be in the same league as smallutensils  in my quest for quirky  Christmas songs, I just had to get in the spirit of the season and post a couple of  holiday musical oddities I found on youtube.  The first is the famous  duet between Bing Crosby and David Bowie. It  is more than just a curiosity. Bowie is at heart a crooner and musically has more in common with Crosby than he does with , say, Mick Jagger. They literally make beautiful music together.  But it's still amusing to watch. It follows the standard Christmas special  template of the celebrity dropping by house and then doing a bit with the host. Only instead of Bob Hope or Dean Martin it is an androgynous glam rocker. To use a tired critical cliche, this video works on more than one level.

My other find is a texas swing version of the Hanukkah classic, "The Dreidel Song", performed by Mark Rubin and his Ridgetop Syncopators.


i agree absolutely with your assessment of the crosby/bowie collabo. beautiful music to my ears.