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New Hampshire

I saw an old friend this weekend and made a prediction. I said if Barrak Obama wins the New Hampshire primary, he would be our next President.

I really stuck my neck out, and am further sticking my neck out here, because Obama has an impressive lead in New Hampshire polls. Now my prediction will be tested. Oh well, no guts, no glory.

I have mixed feelings about Obama's ascendency. I am conservative and he is a liberal (as near as I can tell...he is a bit of a blank slate).
On the other hand, of the three top Democrats he is the one I dislike the least. (What was it Pope said about faint praise?).  I've made my feelings about Hillary pretty clear in previous postings. In case I haven't, she is a bad bad person and probably gives the satanic maggots who infest her soul severe indigestion. John Edwards is not as evil as Hillary, but his economic populism is a recipe for economic disaster.

He also seems to have slightly more sense about health care than the other Democratic candidates. He has pointed out that instead of having universal health insurance, we should look at ways to get costs down. That is a baby step in the right direction. The problem is not people having to pay their own health insurance premiums, it is the way the premiums are spiraling out of control.

He also wants a "better future for America". I too am in favor of that. :)

I  have mixed feelings about Obama knocking Hillary out so quickly. I really wanted the political demise of the Clinton machine to be slow and painful. Not just for her, but as I've said before I want the people who enabled her and defended her for years to have to deal with her crap as she goes into panic mode. It's likely her defeat will be so decisive I won't get to see that happen.

But if Obama manages to dismantle the Clinton Crime family when so many people before him have failed, He has has my kudos and respect and yes, gratitude. More than I have for the gutless pantywaisted ex-cheerleader Trent Lott, who completely torpedoed the Clinton impeachment. I should be grateful for getting what I want, even if it doesn't happen exactly the way I want.

None of this means I am turning into a liberal democrat. If  Fred Thompson or Ron Paul gets the nomination, I will enthusiastically vote Republican. (In other words, I am probably not going to enthusiastically vote Republican.) If it is Huckabee vs. Obama, I might flip a coin.
Or vote for a third party.