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New Hampshire Results

The pollsters got it all wrong about New Hampshire. They had Obama winning winning with a double digit lead, but Hillary won a very close victory. In my last post, I'd made the prediction that if Obama won New Hampshire, he would be our next President. Thanks to Hillary, that prediction will never be tested and therefore never proven wrong. The lesson here is that predicting is a dangerous business if you don't use the word "if" somewhere.

There are a lot of postmortems being written about how Hillary turned things around and how the polls could have been so wrong. I'm sure her famous emotional moment had a lot to do with it. So did the "Iron My Shirt" picketers, who allowed her to look like a feminist heroine standing up to the evil sexists. I am 99% sure those guys were plants. Hillary is famous for using goon squads (or as the Hillary camp calls them,
"Etiquette Squads") to control who does what at her public appearances. Those guys wouldn't have had a chance to say a word if she didn't want them there.

So it looks like Hillary will be around for a while. In my last posting on New Hampshire, I made a remark about satanic maggots infesting Hillary's soul that I now regret. Not because it was unkind. It was just so strong that I left myself nowhere to go, and since Hillary will be around for a while, that's not good.