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Poetry Reading After Action Report 1/10/2008

Last night at the Jackson's Java poetry reading, Jonathan made an announcement that Mike Jackson is going to start a web site which will include poems by people who read there. This is intriguing. I'm not sure what I will do if he follows through with this. I don't know if I will keep making these after action reports. It seems it would be redundant to put poems here and on Mike's web site.

But he doesn't have the web page up yet, so for now my faithful readers will be inflicted with my work. I had 4 haiku this time. One of them was not about a  famous person. My cousin's husband Charlie died of a heart attack shortly after Christmas and I wrote one for him. She got engaged to him when I was around 11, and he was a big goofy clown who was just great with boys that age. I had a turtle I named after him. I later found out the turtle was female and renamed it Charleena. I don't remember how I found out she was female. I'm not sure I want to.

Anyway, here are the haiku:

Dan Fogelberg

A mellow haiku
That is what should be written
For a mellow dude

Oskar Peterson

Ellington dubbed you
The keyboard maharaja
I can’t add to that!

Benezir Butto

Your life and strange death
Made you the Pakistani
John F. Kennedy

Charles B   

When I was a child
I named my turtle for you
You were important

I also read yet another poem about my niece called Girl With Balloon.




your niece poem is beautiful and i can see uncle okker getting plenty of exercise that day.
Thank you, and yes I did. :)