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Bobby Jindal

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal was sworn in as governor of Louisiana today. There is not a lot of fanfare about it, nor was there when he was elected. There should be. He is the first Indian-American to be elected governor of any American state, the first non-white governor of Louisiana since Reconstruction, and America's youngest governor. He is barely young enough to be President.  His election was a fairly decisive one: he won  60 out of 64 parishes (or counties).  An interesting piece of trivia:  he took his name "Bobby" from the character on the Brady Bunch.

He has promised to make Louisana politics less "entertaining" to the rest of the country by making them less corrupt. As a political junkie,
I hate the idea of politics being less entertaining. But it's a good thing to make them less corrupt, and if he even partially succeeds he deserves praise from the entire country.  Given the muted response of the press to his election though, I suspect partial success will be ignored.
Other possibilities are that it will be treated as a failure, or the press will just concentrate on the Brady Bunch angle.