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My Weekend

My New Years resolution to make my Saturday's more productive is not going so well. TV Land has started showing a 2 hour block of the Beverly Hillbillies every Saturday. I just can't resist a Beverly Hillbillies rerun. Especially the ones about Jethro dating a stripper named Chickadee Laverne. The combination of shamelessly corny humor and sexuality (corn&porn) is a heady mixture that will draw in all but the strongest men.

Even worse, A&E on demand had a fresh batch of Intervention episodes. Intervention is an especially dangerous show for those prone  to lollygagging and dilly-dallying. If you watch enough Beverly Hillbillies episodes, something inside of you will say "Why am I devoting my whole damn day to this?". But the guilt doesn't kick in when  you watch Intervention. As soon as it rears it's head, it gets beat back by thoughts of "Hey at least I'm not a crackhead like that guy." In general, it causes you to congratulate yourself simply for not being a drunk or dope fiend.
That's not healthy.


They also play a two hour block of the Beverly Hillbillies on Sundays. Maybe you can have your productive Saturdays and get your dilly-dallying-with-the-Clampetts in on Sundays. I watched it this past Sunday when I was supposed to be taking down the Christmas tree. Well actually, I guess I watched a two-hour block of I Love Lucy when I was supposed to be taking down the Christmas tree and then watched two hours of the Beverly Hillbillies and took down that damn tree during the commercials. It took me forever.
TVLand is deadly.