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Whiskey In The Jar

This is partially inspired by a recent post fromsmallutensils  (although I had been planning to make it for a while), where he showcased two different versions of the same song. This post will also test some advice I had given him about embedding multiple videos.

I'm rather fond of the irish folk song Whiskey In The Jar. It's a great song, and I can't think of any other song that can sound good when done by artists as diverse as Thin Lizzy, Metallica, The Dubliners, and even Roger Whittaker ( a guy who makes Slim Whitman look hip and edgy).

I was originally going to post a Metallica video of the song and for contrast, the Roger Whittaker version. The latter seems to have disappeared from youtube, so I'm going to post one from the Dubliners. Here's the one from Metallica:

And here's the one from The Dubliners:

I was amazed at the number and variety of WITJ videos I found. If I posted all of them, this post would take up two or three screens. But I can tell you (and have links) that I found a techno version (which is borderline NSFW), one sung by an Irish Elvis impersonator, one sung badly by a hot chick in fishnet stockings, and one sung well by three fat guys with ukuleles. And of course I would be a bold deceiver if I didn't include a link to the Thin Lizzy version (which seems to be where Metallica got their guitar lick). This song is a gold mine of musical possibilities.

To smallutensils: if you are reading this and can see two different videos here, then my advice to you was correct.
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