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Time Enough At Last

Today when I went to lunch, I discovered to my chagrin that even though I had something to read. I had left my reading glasses at home. I couldn't find any of my spares in my office either.

Sometimes when I am in the faculty dining room trying to read I am joined by someone who insists on conversation even though it's clear I am reading a book. Today there was nobody like that in the dining room, but I couldn't take full advantage of it because I had forgotten my reading glasses. (OK, I could read a little, but the book had small print and it was quite an effort.)

I felt a lot like the Burgess Meredith character in that famous Twilight Zone episode Time Enough At Last. I knew the pain of having a book, time, and nobody bothering me, only for it to be a waste for want of glasses. It's enough to drive a fellow to become an avian supervillain.

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