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Allan Melvin

 I must hang my head in shame.  I have failed most ignominiously in not one but two of my bailiwicks...sitcom trivia and celebrity deaths.
Allan Melvin died on January 18th, and I did not become aware until earlier this week. I am truly derelict in my duty to miss the death of the guy who not only played Sam the butcher but also Barney Hefner and Sgt. Hacker. Young whippersnappers today don't realize how late in his career his Brady Bunch role was. He started out playing Steve Henshaw, a sidekick of  Sgt. Bilko. He was there at the  beginning of sitcoms.
He played damn near every out-of-town thug on the Andy Griffith Show.  Like many AGS alumni, he was a prolific voice actor. Among his voice credits are Magilla Gorilla and Drooper from the Banana Splits.

It is tempting to blame the media here for not giving his death more coverage. I could complain that if they hadn't given all their attention to that Keith Ledger guy maybe I would have heard something sooner. But in the end, the responsibility is my own. I knew he was old and should have been keeping an eye out for news of his death.

Here's a video of a commercial he was in:

Here's an interesting video  that contains some Sgt.Bilko footage with Allan Melvin. It's done by Media Funhouse, who appears to be trying to do the same thing with video that I do with haiku. Hey, the more the merrier.

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