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Lunch With Elle

Elle and I, as we do most Tuesdays and Thursdays, ate together in the faculty dining room today. Lunch with her is always pleasant but it was unusually so today. A guy came in playing the fiddle as part of a promotion for The Arts And Sciences drive.

To have a roving violinist, like you see  in the more expensive  restaurants in what is basically a glorified school cafeteria was quite a treat. He came over to our table and played. It was a jaunty irish tune which he informed us was called "Whiskey In The Morning". He asked us if either of us had any special requests for valentines day. The first request that came to mind was "Whiskey In The Jar". But since it was Valentines Day, I decided for once not to be such a guy and asked for Cole Porter's Night And Day.

He played it beautifully (I was wondering if he knew it at all) and Elle and I both enjoyed it.