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Poetry Reading After Action Report 2/14/2007

Last night, according to Jonathan Rice, was the second time the Jackson's Java poetry reading was held on Valentines Day. Attendance was light. Besides Jonathan, there were three regulars and one relatively new guy. Jonathan pointed out the irony that on the Valentines Day that all the men were stag.

I had thought about asking Elle to come, but I had sent some flowers and truffles to her house and I didn't want to delay her getting home.

I had four haiku about dead people. Here they are:

Suzanne Pleshette

After giving us
Beauty and laughter, you rest
Goodnight, Emily

Allan Melvin

Your ubiquity
Made you so much more than just
Alice’s boyfriend

Roy Scheider

Celluloid Ahab
Gonna need a bigger boat
When you cross over

Heath Ledger

You’re mourned by many
Your fans look at a mountain
And say “Heath, I swear”

I also read A Dinosaur and Night And Day, a couple my old poems. I thought they could be classified as love poems and would be good for Valentines Day. You can read them and judge for yourself.

I called Elle after the reading was done. She was really happy about getting the flowers and truffles. She said "you're my hero". I don't think a woman has ever said that to me before. It was great to hear, especially considering that I didn't jump on a grenade or anything. She also said she was going to make me some lasagna. Even better!

She agreed with my reasoning about not asking her to come to the poetry reading. She said that some desperate guy might have stolen them for his girlfriend if she hadn't gotten home. I didn't even think of that. I should have though, since there was an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David stole flowers for a woman he needed to appease. I don't say this about many people, but Elle is even better at thinking like Larry David than I am. She sure is something.
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