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A Real Wake-Up Call

I had walked home from work yesterday, and lay down on my couch dog-tired and fell asleep.

I woke up to what I thought was my alarm clock. A couple of things concerned me. First, the snooze button wouldn't work. I'd hit it and hit it and the ringing kept going. Turning it off didn't seem to help either. Then I looked at the time. 8:30. "Oh shit, I'm late for work!!". Then I noticed what was on TV was not a morning show. Then I got awake enough to remember that my alarm clock doesn't sound like that. By the time I realized it was my cell phone, it had stopped ringing.

I got a voicemail from queenjoni, which I will answer here. The answers to your questions are (a) Spring Break starts with end of class today and (b) My birthday is March 9th.  Also, joni  please don't take this post as a public complaint. If I was seriously, or even mildly upset with you I would let you know personally, not with a blog post. 8:30 is a perfectly reasonable time to call, and you can feel free to do it again. But the story as a whole is just too good not to post about.


thanks for answering my questions and I'm sorry I woke you up late for class;). Do you still want to go car looking this week?
Yeah, I think I might want to go car looking. I have rented wheels this week. :)

And I'm glad you woke me up late for class instead of on time. If it was on time, I might have actually gotten halfway to school before the "AM vs PM" synapse kicked in.