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I am 50 today

I started off the first day of my next 50 years fairly productively. I got up early and walked down to Jackson's Java for my morning coffee and read about 40 pages of Escape From Planet Lame, a book my sister got me for me birthday. I walked back home, wrote a memorial haiku for William F. Buckley Jr., took a shower and got ready for a birthday brunch with family and friends.

My brother came into town with my niece Andi and nephew Barney (not their real names). We were joined for brunch by Elle and queenjoni and muffdaddysmooth. Andi was not her usual exhuberant self. She had recently broken her kneecap and suffered a couple of other calamities I would have found funny if I had seen them happen to an adult in a movie, but not to my niece in real life. I felt an extra measure of gratitude to her for coming when she was in such pain. She is a trooper.

It was a nice gathering, especially since I had never been with all of the aforementioned people at the same time before. Everyone meshed nicely.

I got lots of nice stuff. Elle got me gift cards for AMC theatres and Barnes and Noble bookstores, along with a promise to drive me if I didn't get a car before I decided to use them.

My brother's mother in law got me a card with a little stuffed bee (or maybe butterfly, I'm not sure). It had a string that made it move when you pulled it. I noticed it moved by vibrating, and thought it was similar to the way a cell phone moves when its on vibrate. I asked queenjoni to call my cell phone so it could race the stuffed animal. It wasn't much of a race... the stuffed whateveritwas moved forward and the cell phone just rotated. It was an interesting physics lesson.

My bro got me a couple of books, Atlas Shrugged and a book about the great depression called The Forgotten Man. I got queenjoni to take a pic of me reading Atlas Shrugged to Andi. I'll post it soon.

Turning 50 can be a bit depressing, but it's not horrific. When I went to get my license renewed Monday, I thought the ravages of time would cause me to flunk the vision test. But I passed it with flying colors. This was a good sign that my body has not deteriorated as much as I thought.

I'm NOT going to go around saying I am "50 years young". Only old people talk about how many years young they are.

Of course, turning 50 is a lot less depressing if you can do it around people you love like I did today. Thanks everybody.