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Six Degrees

I had a fun time playing six degrees with everyone last night. Here is a sampling of some of the actors we linked.

Buster Keaton to Joe Don Baker
  1. Buster Keaton was in It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World with Jerry Lewis
  2. Jerry Lewis was in King Of Comedy with Robert DeNiro
  3. Robert DeNiro was in Taxi Driver with Harvey Keitel
  4. Harvey Keitel was in Thelma and Louise with Geena Davis
  5. Geena Davis was in Fletch with Joe Don Baker
(This is what I came up with...iatethecookie cut it down to 4 by pointing out that Joe Don Baker was in Cape Fear with Robert DeNiro)

Damon Wayans to Sir Laurence Olivier

  1. Damon Wayans was in Don't Be A Menace with Marlon Wayans
  2. Marlon Wayans was in Requiem For A Dream with Jennifer Connelly
  3. Jennifer Connelly was in Once Upon A Time in America with Robert DeNiro
  4. Robert DeNiro was in True Confessions with Robert Duvall
  5. Robert Duvall was in MASH with Sally Kellerman
  6. Sally Kellerman was in A Little Romance with Laurence Olivier

WC Fields To Morgan Freeman

  1. WC FIelds was in International House with Cab Calloway
  2. Cab Calloway was in The Blues Brothers Movie with Dan Aykroyd
  3. Dan Aykroyd was in Driving Miss Daisy with  Morgan Freeman

(this one is very handy, because once you get to Morgan Freeman you can get to about anyone else)

I thought I linked Nina Hartley to Orrin Hatch, but discovered today I did it wrong. I thought Hatch had played himself in Dave, but he hadn't.
HOWEVER...I just came up with a correct one:

  1. Nina Hartley was in Boogie Nights with Don Cheadle
  2. Don Cheadle was in Traffic with Orrin Hatch

For those of you who can't get enough of seeing porn stars linked to republican senators, I discovered that if I substitute Alan Simpson for Orrin Hatch, my original linking becomes correct. So to link Nina Hartley to Alan Simpson  we do the following:

  1. Nina Hartley was in Boogie Nights with William H Macy
  2. William H Macy  was in Panic with Tracy Ullman
  3. Tracy Ullman was in I Love You To Death with Kevin Kline
  4. Kevin Kline was in Dave with Alan Simpson