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Poetry Reading After Action Report 3/13/2008

Last nights poetry reading was unusually festive for a couple of reasons. There were a lot more readers than usual (including a lot of regulars who hadn't shown up in a while), and Jonathan's birthday was being celebrated. There was singing and cake. Very good chocolate cake, the moistest I've had in a while. Thank you Jonathan, for turning a year older and causing cake to be served. And oh yes, happy birthday.

Last night was more about birth than death. Only one famous person (that I know of) had died since the last poetry reading. Since I had only one haiku, there is no need for an LJ-cut this time. Here's the haiku:

William F Buckley Jr.

You reified your

Antediluvian thoughts

With ebullience

I also read a couple of my "critter poems", A Pig and Frogs.

It was a fun poetry reading. In case I didn't make it clear earlier,

Happy Birthday Jonathan!



fix your link for "A Pig"- I would like to read it.
Thanks for pointing that out. It's fixed now. I guess I just got too caught up in the Pi Day festivities. :)
aren't we all?