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After several years of owning a car I was afraid to drive more than 2 miles, I finally purchased an automobile.
queenjoni took me to Carmax where I bought a 2004 PT Cruiser at a very reasonable price.

I had been needing to buy a car for a long time, but I was dreading the hassle of car-buying and I also like to put off big expenditures for as long as possible. The hassle was nothing like what I was expecting (is it ever?). Having Joni there made me feel a little less vulnerable, and the Carmax's no-haggle pricing also made things go more smoothly than you would expect at a used car lot.

I'd been able to find the car I wanted on their web site and they had it there for me when I showed up. I could expound at length about what a cool business model Carmax has. It's a good illustration of the best that technology and capitalism can offer us.

Financing it was also much easier than I had expected. I had no idea what my credit score was, and thanks to all those freecreditreport.com commercials, I just assumed it wasn't very good.

But my interest rate was 7.45%, which is apparently pretty decent. I asked the lady doing the financing about having my payments automatically drafted from my checking account. I explained that I was solvent enough to be able to make payments, and ethical enough to be willing to make the payments, but didn't always have the presence of mind to actually do it. She pointed to the 7.45 and said "If you got that interest rate, you must not have that problem very often".

Actually I don't. But only because I have things automatically drafted. :)

It's nice to know that my credit is better than I thought it was, and that my posse (such as it is ) is not getting laughed at like that guy in the credit report commercial.

After all the paperwork was done and the car was mine, I drove it to Jackson' Java to show it off. Sara D was there. She told me she'd had a really girly day, which included a pedicure. I think moisturizing was also involved somehow.

I just had to take a pretty girl for a ride in my new car, and Sara was the perfect candidate. She's young, beautiful and from California. She was also, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, at her maximum girlyness. I got down on one knee and asked her if she would make my wonderful day even better by being the first passenger in my car. She said yes!

I drove her around the block. We went past my house and I pointed it out to her. We really bonded. Thank you Sara, for helping me christen my car.

I then drove it to the Books-A-Million at Concord Mills, because I could. Or more to the point, because I couldn't with my old car. I bought a copy of Liberty magazine, and a couple of books, Hillary-The Politics Of Personal Destruction by David Bossie and Our First Revolution by Michael Barone.

It was a wonderful day. Special thanks to joni for making it possible. And to Sara for making it even better.


i'm glad i could help and i'm very happy for you
You have done more to help me enter the 21st century than anyone else. You got me my first DVD player,my first MP3 player, and you took me to get my first 21st century car.