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Global Warming

Today is the fourth day of Spring and the temperature as I write this is 43 degrees. The winter that just ended was the coldest since 2001. One Russian scientist believes we are about to enter a period of global cooling.

Neither of these things disprove global warming, anthropogenic or otherwise. But they certainly provide reasonable doubt and show that you can be a global warming skeptic without being stupid or in the pay of oil companies. And they should throw a little cold water (pun intended) on those saying "we must do something now".

"Doing something now" could lead to a lot of  burdensome laws and regulations that are at best unnecessary. I'm reminded of a section of Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court. In this novel , a 19th century  man named Hank Morgan  traveled back in time to the middle ages.. He happened to be there on the date of an eclipse he knew was going to happen, and he told everyone he was going to blot out the sun. When the sun actually was blotted out (by the eclipse) everyone regarded him with fear and awe.

I fear our legislators, if they are able to pass to many GW-related laws too quickly , will be much like  Hank Morgan. When the cooling period comes, they will take credit for it,  and take the cooling as proof that their laws and regulations actually worked.