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Easter was nice. I observed my yearly tradition of going to early Easter services at the church up the street from me. The sermon was actually interesting...the preacher talked about a guy he knew who went around on Easter morning shouting "He is risen" with a bullhorn.

After the service I saw perfectlydensewho I think was there for the next service. She came up to me to wish me a happy Easter, which was nice. She is a very pleasant young lady and seeing her on Sunday morning is a nice way to start the week.

On my way out, I saw Mister X (not his real name) pull into the parking lot. He goes to services there once a year because his family does. I go there once a year because I feel like I should go at least on Easter. It is an odd variation on the blessed tie that binds.

I went to Elle's house for Easter dinner. She lives over 30 miles away and this was the farthest I had ever driven my PT cruiser. On the way up I christened the CD player with the Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street.
Her sons Peter and Bobby (not their real names) were there. I'd met them before. I got to meet her dogs Lenny and George (not their real names) for the first time. She had talked so much about them and their various antics I felt like I was meeting her other kids.

Lenny is a great big goofy black lab who has never been broken (and probably can't be broken) of licking people and jumping on them. He reminds me of the big cartoon dog that runs around saying "which way did he go, which way did he go?". George is a beagle, and more like the aformentioned cartoon dogs smarter, impatient sidekick. (I picked their fake names carefully.)

I took Elle for a ride in the car before lunch. There is nothing better than taking a pretty lady for a ride in a car you just bought. It was especially nice to take Elle for a ride, since she has chauffered me so much. She had been my passenger before, but it was a long long time ago when she was having car trouble. I really enjoyed having her as a passenger again.

We had a delicious lunch with turkey, ham, dressing, green bean casserole and some other items. A lot of it was thanksgiving fare, which seemed appropriate. I was very grateful that I had a car and was able to drive to Elle's house.

After lunch we all dyed eggs. This got me even more in touch with my inner child than I usually am.

Before I left Elle gave me a baggy full of easter candy (mostly jelly beans) and a chocolate bunny. The bunny was wrapped in gold foil that was really shiny.

What a swell easter.


Yum, thanksgiving dinner on Easter. Sounds fun!
I'm the official Nursery Coordinator at that church, so I'm there almost every Sunday working. I don't come out of the nursery usually but one of the parents forgot their baby bag so I was looking for them and I found you there as well, pretty awesome.

perfectlydense's pic

i love your picture...that's one of my fav book/movie combos
It was indeed awesome. Fortuitously so.