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A productive day

Today I got up early and went in to work to get my parking tag switched over to my PT Cruiser ( I love saying those three words.)

I didn't have any classes or advisees to see today, so there was nothing I absolutely had to do. I answered a few student emails and went to talk to the assistant chairman about a work-related matter (and to be seen by him at work :))

I called my insurance company to get the comprehensive and collision insurance that's required for my loan. I bought a couple of stocks (SAM and FDP) and went to the bank to see if I could refinance the car at a lower rate.

I did get a lower rate ( I don't remember as I write this what it is , but it's under 6%) and headed off to Carmax to give them the payoff check and get it switched over. I gave it to the same lady (I think her name is Chenette) who took care of my financing the first time. She's a nice lady. I don't know how she works with the public as much as she does and stays so pleasant.

Then I went to Jackson's Java where I drank a bunch of coffee, finished grading the four classes worth of tests I want to give back Wednesday, read a chapter of Atlas Shrugged, and made three blog entries (counting this one). I also helped a friend with a few questions he had about C programming

It was a good day. Coffee is the best productivity tool there is.