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Sign Of The Times

When I was at the campus bookstore today, in front of the cash register was a display for a candy bar called climate change chocolate. Apparently buying these will help fight global warming.

At the time I was wearing a long-sleeved flannel shirt, even though it is April. I  glanced up and looked out the window. Outside a young woman was walking by wearing a hoodie. Even though it is April.

I didn't buy one. Never in my life have I so easily resisted chocolate.


Did you know there's a Prince album called "Sign of the Times?" Actually it's called "Sign o' the Times." so, fyi.
I vaguely remember that now.

I'm thinking it was after his initial heyday but before "Diamonds And Pearls". Is that right?
yeah I could stand for a bit more global warming too. It was like 78 today and Andy kept complaining it was too warm. I thought it was perfect.