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Poetry Reading After Action Report 4/10/08

I only had one haiku last night, because only one celebrity (Charlton Heston) had died. These are lean times for guys that write haiku about dead celebrities. As I said to the audience "that mean ol' grim reaper keeps letting me down."

The upside is that I had time (both mic time and writing time) for an original poem that was not a haiku.

Here's the haiku:

Charlton Heston

Chatting with Moses
And with Michaelangelo
Will be fun for you

As mentioned above, I also wrote a longer original poem. It's called Wonders.Here it is:


Ayn Rand
Saw railroad tracks
Penetrating the wilderness
And wrote a boxcar-sized tome
Praising the minds
Of those who made them.
Walt Whitman
Looked up at the stars
And wrote a brief poem
Dismissing the scientists
Who sought to explain them.
I sit in front of the coffee shop
Looking out towards the parking lot
And see a Yoshino cherry tree
With a lamppost directly behind it,
Rising about two feet above it
Light from the lamppost
Is reflected brilliantly by the trees blossoms
Creating a perfect celestial whiteness.
The work of man
Illuminates the work of God.
The work of God
Adds beauty to the work of man,
Giving it purpose beyond crude utility
And a fool like me
Sings the praises of both



You should publish a book. You are so talented.
*blush* thank you