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Nathan sighting

I saw Nathan this morning while I was driving to work. He was walking to the Town Center from the back entrance as I was going to Jackson's Java for my morning coffee. I was surprised to see him because word on the street (or sidewalk, really) was that he had been arrested.

Nathan is the old guy who sometimes sits around Jackson's Java talking loudly to himself. Nobody seems to know where he comes from, although the best theory I've heard is that he must live in a nearby group home. Some people find Nathan a bit scary, but I am rather fond of him. He thinks I am a genius and laughs at my jokes. Yes, I am that easy.

And even factoring in the fact that he's crazy, he still has more social skills than a lot of people I know. The only thing that bothers me about him is that when he shakes your hand, he hangs on to your hand a little longer than most people do. And he has a very tight grip. I always find myself wondering if he is aware of the rule that says when you shake somebodies hand you must eventually give it back.

It makes me think of this autistic kid I knew in high school named Michael. I spoke to him whenever
I saw him, and the conversation almost always went like this...

ME: Hi, Michael.
MICHAEL: (grunt)

The only exception was when he asked I he could borrow my copy of None Dare Call It Conspiracy . I loaned it to him and eventually got it back. Not much of a story there.

And one other exception. One day I saw him and said "Hi Michael" and he smiled and gave me a great big hug. I have never experienced such an eclectic mix of emotions in my life. I was touched, I was amused, I was scared. Michael was a great big guy and I found myself wondering "Does he know to eventually let go?". Much like I do when Nathan shakes my hand.

One curious thing about Nathan is that even though he has all the earmarks of a homeless person (aimless, talks to himself a lot, drinks wine), he is always well-dressed. There has been much speculation about this. Maybe he is a nutty billionaire. Maybe he's CIA.

There are always meddlesome kids hanging around Jackson's Java. Perhaps I should recruit some of them to solve this groovy mystery. Or maybe reread None Dare Call It Conspiracy with an eye toward clues about Nathan.


I don't think I have ever seen Nathan but you have most definitely piqued my curiousity.