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My name is babydoc3 and I am a biblioholic

Last time I made a purchase at Books-A-Million they gave me a coupon for $5 off on my next purchase. Since it is set  to expire tomorrow and I am expecting to have a busy weekend, yesterday I drove out to BAM to use it.

I only planed to purchase one or two books but ended up purchasing three. I got Michael Chabon's newest book Maps And Legends, Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, and Jacque Barzun's From Dawn To Decadence. And two magazines. I have now purchased one more book than I have read this year. Alas.

Now that I own a reliable car and have a wider variety of bookstores to go to, it's easier to go on binges like that. I'm reminded of the episode of the Andy Griffith Show  when Otis bought a car. Everyone was worried about all the trouble he would get into as a result. Hilarity ensued, but a comparable real life situation wouldn't have been so funny. Life doesn't have any laugh tracks.

Of course, the analogy to my Books-A-Million trip would be driving somewhere to buy liquor, which  is not the worst aspect of a drunk having a car. Drunk driving is. But I have to be honest. There have been nights when I have driven home from the coffee shop after having read 100 pages.

I hope I don't end up a hopeless addict, wandering the streets homeless, getting thrown out of bookstores, and reading tabloid headlines in grocery stores for a quick fix.

At least I'm not hooked on phonics.


I took a break from reading the past couple days. I decided that if I continued to devour The Fountainhead I would probably have an "incident"

pretty soon I am going to have to go by Book Buyers and pick up some new material
In reference to your 'free speech'post and this one, I think being a bibliophile is the best thing a person could be. That said, more people should probably read and if they did they might understand how truly important free speech is. I, for one, love to read. But I go to the library mostly (cheaper) then buy the books I really love and know i'll read again.
It probably is more frugal to use the library. You're smart to do that.