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Odds and ends

I made an appointment to have the oil leak in my car fixed. I'm going to drop it off Friday morning and they said I could have it back sometime Saturday. It will cost some bux, but it will add some time to the life of my car. And I am completely committed to not buying a new car until this one has at least 100K miles on it. (It has 83K and change right now.)

I heard personal finance guru Dave Ramsey say once that if you do the math, buying a new car is never cheaper than paying for repairs on the one you have. (There are other reasons of course, but "I might as well, this one is nickel and diming me" is not a good one.)

My stocks are doing so-so. My real life portfolio closed up 1.21%...better than the Dow and the S&P, not as good as the Nasdaq. I am in a respectable top 40% in the Cashin' In Challenge, and beating the S&P for the year, but I'm not satisfied with that.

I found a really good artice at Zacks about buying and selling stocks. It deals more with portfolio management than it does with picking stocks. It has a lot of wisdom about when to sell a stock, which is as important as when to buy them. Anyone who is thinking about buying individual stocks should read this article.