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Presidential Candidates

Former Republican congressman Bob Barr has recently announced that he is considering running as the Libertarian candidate in 2008. I've been pretty excited about this. I don't agree with him about everything, but I agree with him a lot more than I do any of the three candidates from the major parties. It will be nice to have a candidate I am enthusiastic about voting for.

I heard more recently that Alan Keyes is also considering a run, on the Constitution Party ticket. (Maybe he wants a rematch against Obama).

These two candidacies could be viewed as a trend towards disgruntled ex-Republicans running on third party tickets. But another trend is discernible. Both of these guys appeared in Borat.

Now that would be a trend that would turn everyone into a political junkie. Especially if Pamela Anderson threw her hat into the ring. She could run on the Bachelor Party ticket. And I'd have two candidates to be excited about!