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Thoughts On "Superbad"

  1. The title of this article is probably inappropriate. Any title that starts with the words "Thoughts on" is too stuffy and academic for a movie like Superbad. My apologies
  2. While it does not deal with such deep and enduring questions as "if some dude played chess with
    death, who would win?" it does answer a couple of important questions about film. These questions are

  3. Speaking of American Pie, that movie helped me form a rule of thumb for evaluating movies about high school and college students.When I saw it, I felt like I was just too old to enjoy it. Better movies in that genre helped me to relive my youth vicariously. So the rule is, if a movie about young people makes me feel old, it is a failure. If it makes me feel young, it is a success. Superbad is a success.
  4. Superbad doesn't rely on lots of scenes of scantily clad young women the way a lot of teen sex comedies do. But guys can still like it because that leaves more screen time for buffoonery and pratfalls. This is called win/win.
  5. All current and former geeks will stand up and cheer at the experiences of the geeky kid in this movie.Forget Star Wars, camp out for Superbad.
  6. The title of the movie is unduly modest. It was so much fun it should have been called "Superduperbad" or even "Superdupergetdownfunkybad".