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My Day So Far

I gave a couple of exams this morning and then went  to the faculty dining room for lunch. I graded the first page of one of the exams while I ate.Afterwards,  I stopped by the bookstore to get another red pen (the one I was using was starting to run out.)

The cashier was a young Asian woman named Mee. It reminded me of a time years ago when I had a Vietnamese student named You. Visions of Abbot and Costello danced in my head, but I refrained from making any of the obvious puns.

Then it was off to Human Resources to fix a little problem.I'd been unable to log on to the faculty web site, and when I called the IT department they said it was because I was listed as deceased.

I hate it when that happens.

This has actually happened before. It's because my father, who is deceased and had the same name as me, used to teach here. About a year ago a lady who was in charge of a tribute to deceased faculty members called me in my office to ask if I was dead. (I wasn't.)

Anyway, HR said they would get right on it. It didn't occur to me until now to threaten to haunt them. I am slipping.

I will resist the obvious Mark Twain quote. I will not, however, resist embedding the obvious "Monty Python And The Holy Grail" clip. A man can only restrain himself for so long.