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Mothers Day

I have never written much about my mother in here. She was a very good person, and since today is Mother's Day, I thought it would be nice to
post one of my favorite stories about her.

She was a teacher. She loved teaching and working with children. She used to tell me about one 6th grade student she taught before I was born. Let's call him Art Vandelay (not his real name). He got in trouble a lot, but she had a place in her heart for him. She said he was at heart a good boy and with enough patience he could be turned around.

Even though my mother loved her job, she had complaints just like anybody else did. She would get frustrated with the bureaucracy and lack of support.

Once when she was going through a particularly rough patch, a visitor came to the house. The man introduced himself as Art Vandelay. The same Art Vandelay she had taught. He was working for the North Carolina SBI, and was involved in a program to help keep kids away from drugs. During the training, everyone was asked to think about their sixth grade teacher.  He thought about my mother, and the memory was such a good one that he felt compelled to find out where she lived and come tell her in person what a good teacher she was.

There are a couple of things to be learned from this story. The first thing is that my mother made such an impact on this unruly 6th grader that he went to the trouble of tracking her down and going to her house so he could tell her in person what a difference she made over 30 years later. My mother was like that. :)

The other thing is how important to let the people who have had a positive impact on your life know about it. You don't know how much encouragement a person might need and how much good you will do. I think my mother's students benefited as much from this man's thoughtfulness as she did.


That's a great story. My middle school art teacher was like that for me. I'd like to get in touch with her.
Look her up and give her a call!