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It's been a month since Ira died

It's been a month today since Ira Yarmolenko was murdered, and her killer has still not been found. I have no idea how close the police are to finding a culprit.

Unlike many people, I didn't experience a lot of anger after Ira died. I was mostly thinking about Ira and what a good person she was and how much I and many other people would miss her. Also, the details were so sparse and mysterious I could only think of the killer as an abstract entity. I can't get angry at an abstract entity.

Now anger is setting in.  A real person killed Ira and appears to be getting away with it. I've been telling myself and others for a month now that the police know more than we do and might be closer than we think to finding the culprit. It's getting harder to believe that now.

I remember how impatient people were to find Eve Carson's killers. I just looked at the wikipedia page about her murder and it only took 8 days to bring a perp into custody.

I know that "closure" is a bogus concept, and I've heard all the arguments that bringing the killer to justice won't bring back the loved one. Of course it won't, but that misses the point. Right now everyone who loved Ira is dealing with the fact that she was murdered AND the frustration and anger of knowing her killer is free. That first bad thing is irreversible. The second one (I hope) is not.


When we first talked to the detectives after the robbery, one told me they probably wouldn't find the guys until they did it again -- When someone does something heinous, for some reason, they tend to have to repeat it rather than run away. We were lucky in that the criminals pawned identifiable stuff, on camera, and provided their ID's for the pawn shop clerk in the process...

It's horrible to think that somebody else might have to die before they'll find out who did it. I wish whoever did would just turn themselves in. They have to know they have something horribly wrong with them.
Thanks for responding. Hope you're doing well.

I hope you're wrong (as I'm sure you do as well) that someone else will have to get killed before this guy is caught. I can't imagine him turning himself in, though.