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Raccoon Sighting

As I was leaving my office the other day, I looked out the glass door and saw a raccoon. I'd never seen a raccoon on campus before, and it was really unusual to see one before dark.

By the time I got out the door he had climbed into a trashcan to look for food.

It was fun seeing a raccoon. My attitude towards raccons has  softened since they stopped getting into my house. Unless of course they are Nazi  raccoons.


I've also seen raccoons around campus a couple of times. The most notable was when a whole group of them were chillin' near one of the campus crosswalks and no one heard their ruckus except for me. I was just standing there checking them out while people were staring at me looking at the raccoon party rather than at the raccoons themselves. Thankfully one of my geology professors came by and joined in the raccoon watching, not making me the only crazy person out there.